That is Harry Hare. He does hair. He’ll be taking care of Treiss today, although Treiss doesn’t seem so sure. Mama’s off for sweets. Will Treiss finally get her spots back?

Some days I write things that I probably shouldn’t ought to write. I call those days “weekdays”.

I finally finished Mass Effect last week. I’ve owned it for a couple of years, but I kept putting it down and picking it back up again. It really gets exciting towards the end. I did most every side quest there was to do (except for one that glitched and one that become closed off after an elevator blew up). I kind of skipped some of the “find the mineral” quests too. They were ok for a while, but then got boring. I went ahead and bought Mass Effect 2 over the weekend and then imported my character (female sentinel). She went from level 48 to level 2, but that’s ok. Please don’t write a bunch of spoilers in the comments. I’m not that far into the new game! So far I can tell that ME2 handles combat better. It seems to be a fun action-RPG series overall. The spaceship designs in Mass Effect remind me of work by Stewart Cowley who did some space art books in the late 70s.

It was a holiday weekend in the US so I hope everyone stayed safe. A lot of people probably have Monday off, so if you do – enjoy – and if not hopefully our comic made the day a little better.

There’s no vote incentive this week, but I’ll put the vote button back up anyway because people were asking for it last time.

Have a good one! :)