From left to right, we have, aww – I’ll let you guys figure ‘em out. :D

Tracy finished Okami for the Wii last night. I’m not sure what the last boss was, but it sounded like an epic battle. I hear that there is going to be another game, only it’s going to be on the DS. I can see where the drawing interface that game has would work better on the DS than it did on the Wii. I still wish they’d make another Wii version though. The Japanese mythology featured in that game made me think of other cultural heritages that don’t get played up very much here in the states – not the least of which is our own. It’d be pretty cool to have an RPG world based loosely on American tall tales, weird critters, and associated things that go bump in the night. I guess the closest settings I’ve seen to that are what I’d call civil-war era weird western “steampunk”, but I’ve probably missed a lot.

My part of the book project is finally completed, so I started looking at Allegro to do a tile-based game with. I bought a used book on the subject and have been playing around with various compilers and IDEs. I haven’t used C in a while, so I’ll have to brush up. Hopefully I didn’t forget too much. I’m going to start with something small – like Pong.

If you visit the Catena Facebook page, you’ll see me talk a little bit about the manga we read in the next day or so. We’ve got some fun stuff planned for our next Catena story arc. I’ll let you ponder out how those things are related.

I’m part of the way through Mass Effect 2. Some of my crew members are asking me to do “special quests” and I feel obliged to do them all. I am partial to Mordin because I like the way he talks. I don’t have all the crew members yet, so I think I have a pretty good way to go. Try not to spoil anything for me in the comments.

There’s a neat comic on our links pages that has cats in it. The authors seem like nice people, so go check it out. It’s called DreamKeepers.

There’s no voting incentive this week. I’ll call that a wrap for the week. Have a good one, folks!