Bear and Hank went on a trip. Hank came back and Bear’s mind will be back eventually.

If you don’t get the reference, you can check out what we’re riffing from here and here.

Have you ever met “that guy” who is just oblivious enough to know that he probably missed something, only by the time he figures it out, 3 days have passed? No? Well, now you have and his name is Hank.

A close relative wanted a new PC built from parts. He wants to do a lot of gaming, so I set him up with an SSD, 6 Gigs of RAM, a quad core, an Nvidia 470, and a terabyte drive. I’ll put it all together next week. If I’m nice, I’ll even let him take it home. I think I’m jealous. Perhaps I’ll build a new PC for myself a few months from now.

This week also marks the week that we finished the illustrious book project. That’s right! The 140 page book project we’ve been working on for something around a year now has finally been completed. We’re very, very excited to have the book project done. I’m not sure what we’ll do now, but I hope it’ll be fun and make use of our strange collection of talents.

I spent most of the weekend playing Mass Effect 2. I have all of the crew members but one. The Salarian sings. ;__; Jack seems like a problem child and I wish she weren’t living in my basement. On the plus side, my assistant is feeding my fish. I still have not gone through the “locked” relay, so please continue to not spoil anything for me. The last planet I was checking out featured a chlorine atmosphere and I was doing pretty well until the map glitched and my character went up into the air. She wouldn’t hop back down and there wasn’t anything I could do but reload. Oh well. That did make me stop and realize that it was a little past time to update the comic. ;)

There’s no voting incentive this week. Have a great week, folks!