Who knew that Belle had a storied past?

I wonder what high school it was…


I saw a couple of comics this week that I thought I’d pass along.

Doctor Cat is a comic about a cat who is also a doctor.  It’s quirky and cute, so go check it out.

Modest Medusa is a comic about a medusa who finds herself in our world after going through a magical toilet portal.  The premise was enough for me.  The comic is just getting started so if you want in early start reading today.

I also noticed that Sam Kieth finally started updating his blog again a few months ago.  If you liked The Maxx: The Complete Series, Zero Girl, Zero Girl: Full Circle, or any of his other works, you can go and read up on the man himself.  He’s got a couple of new sketchbooks too.  I love pretty much everything he does, but I will warn you that his comics are often depressing and definitely geared towards older audiences.  They contain mature subject matter and are NOT comics you’re going to want to give young kids.

If you want comics that you CAN give young kids, check out the iKids app on the Apple store.

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Thanks everyone.  Have a great week!