Catena Manor is a comic about a bunch of cats (with no visible means of support) who live in a mansion somewhere in Southern California – and somehow manage not to kill each other.  Most of the recent comics have “story arcs” that spin a tale and try to get a laugh or three as they go.  If you’re lost, hit the archives and start at the beginning.  For a fast start,  you can meet all of our cast below.

Name: Belle
Species: Cat
Age: Mid-thirties
Likes: Herself, expensive things, herself, romance novels, herself, beauty treatments, herself.

We’ve all met one of those impossibly gorgeous women who know they’re impossibly gorgeous, and are impossibly irritating because of it. Belle owns Catena Manor, and though she often seems completely exasperated by her tenants, she still allows them to remain for some reason. Perhaps she’s secretly amused by them, but more likely, she simply wouldn’t be happy without something to complain about.

Name: Bear
Species: Manx Cat
Age: Early Twenties
Likes: Hunting, stalking, chilling, scuffling, “guy movies,” calling Treiss “chinchilla,” plotting world domination.

Lower animals on the food chain are encouraged to steer clear of Catena Manor, and this guy is the reason. We won’t delve too deeply into that; suffice it to say, Bear’s a predator and he’s not ashamed of it. Beyond that, he’s your typical laid-back guy who’s into typical laid-back guy things, and when he isn’t lurking in the shrubbery, chances are he’s off somewhere slacking – unless he’s in one of his “take-over-the-world” moods.

Name: Patches
Species: Cat
Age: Early Twenties
Likes: 80’s music, 80’s cartoons, 80’s clothing…anything 80’s.

Patches is Bear’s sister, and she’s not the smartest cat you’ll ever meet. In fact, there isn’t much between her ears besides air currents and Bangles lyrics, though her sunny disposition makes up for it. As for her taste in clothes, it seems she discovered the 80’s and was happy to forget they ended a long time ago. Constantly bouncy and friendly to everyone, her favorite pastimes include blasting 80’s music, playing with 80’s toys, and chasing her tail.

Name: Beau
Species: Angelic Maine Coon Cat
Age: Immortal
Likes: Giving advice (whether it’s asked for or not), children, helping out, watching over his charges.

Catena Manor’s resident angel, Beau tries his best to be helpful in any situation, but more often than not, his attempts are met with rolled eyes and cries of “Hush, you!” This doesn’t faze him, though, and in spite of being waved away so often, he’s always happy to give his assistance whenever needed. Beau’s not perfect, being a bit vain and with a tendency to to think he knows more than he actually does, but he’s the most caring of the bunch.

Name: Buddy
Species: Maine Coon Cat
Age: Early Twenties
Likes: Loud music, parties, loafing, snacking, the word “dude.”

Beau’s younger earthbound brother and Bear’s best friend (although Bear probably would prefer the term “sidekick”), Buddy is the resident “party dude” – easy-going, big-hearted, and terminally thick-skulled. What can you expect from a guy who names his pet tarantula “Mr. Cuddles”? Buddy doesn’t care about appearances or keeping clean or any of the usual meticulous cat stuff, but if there’s anything he knows, it’s how to have a good time, even if it means cleaning up a wrecked house later on.

Name: Treiss
Species: Snow Leopard
Age: Mid-twenties
Likes: The Renaissance, all kinds of music, quiet time alone, relaxing with friends.

A snow leopard who hates snow? Yep. What else would she be doing in California? Treiss is the black sheep of her kin in this regard, and she’s a bit of a nut in that she likes Renaissance Faire garb a little too much, wearing it all the time. In some respects, her eccentricities make it easy for her to fit in with this nonsensical group, but even so, she’s often the brunt of snide remarks and practical jokes, usually from Bear or Belle. She and Patches are often seen together, as they both share a love of the 80’s. She has a slight crush on Hank, but it’s up in the air as to whether or not she’ll ever do anything about it.

Name: Hank
Species: Dog (German shepherd mix)
Age: Late twenties
Likes: Computers, gaming, food, sci-fi, hanging out with the guys, annoying Belle.

The next-door neighbor, Hank’s your typical friendly, slightly geeky guy with little-to-no clue about girls. He really has no idea that he’s one cute pup and is completely baffled whenever some females get tongue-tied around him. (He’s absolutely oblivious to Treiss’s infatuation.) Anyway, he’d rather play video games with Buddy than try to figure out women, or find a new way to bother Belle, who doesn’t like dogs.

Name: Bryony
Species: Angelic Manx Cat
Age: Immortal
Likes: Hugs, surprises, techno music, bothering the Grim Reaper.

Bryony is Bear and Patches’ sister. As a kitten, she was very weak, and her stay on Earth was a short one. Now one of Heaven’s more outgoing angels, she’s decided to start visiting her earthly siblings for no apparent reason. Exceptionally bright and never subtle, Bryony isn’t one to be ignored. She does have a strange fascination with/not-so-low-key crush on the Reaper, whom she often follows around, much to the Reaper’s chagrin.

Name: Reaper
Species: Technically he’s an angel?
Age: Immortal
Likes: Not being bothered.

The Reaper comes around Catena Manor more than he’d like (and more than the residents would like, really). This is mainly because Bryony likes to drag him places, as she thinks he ought to be more sociable. Reaper’s not such a bad guy; he’s just trying to do his job without some pink-winged angel constantly glomping him. He’s actually grown a little neurotic and has developed a twitch, poor fellow.

Name: Annie
Species: Cat (Persian mix)
Age: 13
Likes: Pets, sports, ice cream, sassing.

A spunky little kitten who pops up now and then, Annie helps run her father’s petshop where Buddy acquired his tarantula. Treat her like the smart, rough-and-tumble tomboy she is, and you’ll get along fine. Just don’t make any “Anakin” jokes around her. She’s heard them all. They stopped being funny halfway through Episode I.

Name: Mr. Cuddles
Species: Tarantula…er, of some sort.
Age: Unknown
Likes: Inner monologues, scheming, My Little Ponies.

Whether he’s watched one too many sci-fi movies from the 50’s, or he’s just plain whacked, Mr. Cuddles thinks arachnids are the superior species on the planet and dreams of the day when he and his eight-legged brethren will be the ones doing the squishing. Until then, he allows Patches and Bryony to place him among colorful plastic ponies while he plots a fitting revenge against Buddy for giving him such a name.

Name: Ivy
Species: Tortoiseshell Cat
Age: Early Twenties
Likes: Theater, leotards, messing with people.

Ivy has never let being born blind stop her from doing what she wants to do; she’s made her own way in the world of theater and become a successful stage performer. She’s known Bear and Patches since their elementary school days and has recently gotten back in touch with them. While most people quickly learn to treat her the same as anyone else, if she notices someone acting uncomfortably with the subject of her blindness, her mischievous streak will show as she has a little fun with that person. She’s quite close to Bear, and may or may not harbor deeper feelings for him.