Sometimes I write things in passing that I’d actually like to make — magical girl anime for example — or Goth Force Metro: Black for that matter.

I can see them in my head.

You may notice that the site has been redone and, in the process, we lost a bunch of blog entries.  Boo!  Fortunately the comics are all back up and as the weeks go on I’ll see what I can do about the old blogs. What happened?  Well, we had some malware issues and the fix made things a little jittery.  Since I needed to reconfigure the site anyway, I decided to go ahead and redo the entire deal. Everything is running on a fresh install now, with security software, and a host of other goodies.

If you missed reading through the old Catena Manor (the predecessor of this comic) or you’re feeling really nostalgic you can put a buck or three in our Catena Patreon to get access again. I expect the old comics will be up for patrons around May 28. More Patreon subscription bonuses are coming (including an ad-free experience for all subscribers) so check the site for details.  I’ll post more information as I get our advertisement processing scripts online.

The fan art gallery finally broke and I removed it. I fully encourage any artists out there to get an online gallery space somewhere (there are many free ones – eg: Deviantart) and send us links to your fan art instead. I will highlight the links as fan art comes in.

Speaking of links, the “links” page is gone. Many of the links were down and we lost contact with a lot of the authors along the way so rather than having a page with content that didn’t work I took it down. If you have a cool comic you’d like for me to highlight in the blog sometime please send me the link! I’d much rather handle it that way than maintain a big list of links and banners.

This weekend I will be making further changes to the site (improvements!) that will help me do a wide variety of things, not the least of which is moving to a better version of the plugin that powers this entire site (done!).

If you have suggestions or comments put them on our Facebook page.

Thanks everyone.

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