This page starts Catena Cafe Book 2!

The second book in the series follows the first – same town, same people, same attitudes.  Will Treiss really find her place in the big city?  Does happiness lie just on the flip-side of a rainbow?  All of these questions and more will be answered in this book.  Well, probably – that’s a pretty deep well to dig in 40 pages or so, wouldn’t you agree?

This book marks the reintroduction of two favorites, Bryony and Reaper, whose name, as it turns out, is Oskar.  They’re teenagers hyped up on dark manga – what could possibly go wrong?  Also reintroduced is Papa, the looming gargantuan, and ever so polite, father figure – Treiss’s father figure to be exact.  I bet he hates graffiti.

Let’s find out.