Hello everyone!

We make cat comic books!

Catena Cafe is a reboot of our original series, Catena Manor, which ran for many years. This comic is story-oriented and meant to help readers have a laugh when they might need it most. We concentrate on having a good experience for all genders and most ages (recommended for ages 13 and up). I hope you enjoy it!

A two person team works on this comic, mostly during weekends.  We’re a husband and wife pair – with one partner doing the writing, the social media stuff, and the website, and the other doing the art.  Together we form Voltron, I mean, we make comics.  Please support what we’re doing via Patreon!  We really enjoy it and want to continue for many years yet to come.

Patreon subscribers have access to weekly sketches and other goodies as the monthly goals are met. Please check our Patreon site for details – for as little as a dollar a month you can have access to everything we make. All payment processing is handled by Patreon, which handles thousands and thousands of customers every month and employs over twenty people. Please consider subscribing to our site so we can get the comics put out in color. The more subscribers we have the more we can do.

Did I say everything we make?  I did!  We have another comic called “My Roommate is a Nightmare“.  You can check it out over here.  It follows the adventures of a young girl in a world where ancient gods still exist and are the “rock stars” of their time.  Did you know the ancient god of death has his own fandom?  Of course he does!

Comments on this blog will always be turned off due to spam. If you are on Facebook you can visit our Facebook page where I post reminders, alerts, delays, and other information. If you have Twitter, I post similar information there as well.

Thanks for reading. The comic will update every Monday! Please tell your friends. 🙂