Big conventions are a lot of stress and nobody knows it more than the people who work them.

The doors are open, everyone is in costume, and – where are the flyers?  They were supposed to be here.  Where are they?  WELL?

Don’t get too close to Akiko.  I think she might erupt.

Welcome to the newly redone Catena website.  We had a tussle with some malware/hackers and I took everything down over he holiday weekend and rebuilt it.  We’re now running with better security and a completely fresh install of the software we use to run the site.


Since I run two sites I got to do it twice.  Our other comic is called My Roommate is a Nightmare – and you should check it out too.

Anyway, please let me know if you see anything that’s flagrantly broken.  I will be tweaking things all week long.  I’ll also see what can be done about restoring some of the old blog posts.  Since most of them basically just said “Have a great day!” I’ll be concentrating on the ones that were a little more, uh, fulfilling.

Speaking of fulfilling, we will be at San Diego Comic-Con this year.  It’s coming up in July.  I was thinking about printing a short run of our first book (Catena Cafe Book 1) and selling it at the convention, signed, of course.  We’ll be there, but we won’t have a booth the entire time so I’ll keep you updated.  Usually we cosplay, but this year has been so busy we probably won’t get to.  It’ll still be a load of fun though!  I always get lost in the art supplies and weird manga.  A couple of years ago I got to meet my favorite comic artist of all time, Sam Kieth, so I’m looking forward to seeing how I can top that this year!